Promoting projects and the image of Germany worldwide


The non-profit association Deutscher Fußball Ambassador e.V. is involved socially in sports and supports various projects worldwide. Help us sustainably strengthen our independent initiative with your donation!

In 2011, the German Football Ambassador came to life by initiator, Roland Bischof. Launched with the idea of honoring German football coaches and players for their commitment abroad, and at the same time promoting socio-social projects while contributing to the reputation of Germany in the world, for five years 11 winners were honored, and more than 21 projects were supported.

With the establishment of an association, we have set for ourselves the goal of further expanding this work and offer a broad public the opportunity to become part of the German Football Ambassador.


Roland Bischof the driving force behind the idea of the German Football Ambassador




For 7 years now, Roland Bischof has been the driving force behind the good idea of the German Football Ambassador. With great commitment and private financing (the football ambassador has no public funding such as grants or subsidies!) he built up a nationally known and internationally active movement in a very short time.

He brought numerous supporting personalities and companies together, whereby Rainer Holzschuh and Dr. Norbert Taubken in particular, were important companions and close advisors on his way. 

2011 // Idea. 

2012 // first presentation at the award ceremony of the Academy for Football Culture (moderated by Kathrin Müller-Hohenstein; presented with the patron Rudi Gutendorf)

2013 // 1st award ceremony in Nuremberg (Presseclub) 

2014 - 2018 // 2-6 award ceremony at the Federal Foreign Office, Berlin (in the presence of the current German Foreign Minister: F.-W. Steinmeier, S. Gabriel, H. Maas).

2016 // Conversion of the initiative into a non-profit association

2017 // 1st International Event: Women's Football in Doha, Qatar (German-Catarian Cultural Year)

Since 2013 // Support of 25 projects worldwide...

The football ambassador family is growing!

Advisory Comitee

After four years of engagement with the initiative DEUTSCHER FUSSBALL BOTSCHAFTER, the Association of German Football Ambassadors e.V. was launched at the beginning of March 2016.

Advisory Comitee

The association pursues exclusively and directly non-profit purposes. The association is dedicated to the promotion of sport, tolerance and international ethos of culture and international understanding.

In addition, civil engagement is being supported. The nonprofit association is represented by its organs; the board and the general assembly.

The comitee:

  • Roland Bischof
  • Rainer Holzschuh
  • Guido Kambli
  • Celisa Pereira
  • Dr. Norbert Taubken