Holger Obermann (main award)

Since 1975, Obermann has been an advisor for more than 30 projects organized by the National Olympic Committee, the German Federal Government, the German Football Association and FIFA. He received the German Federal Cross of Merit and a special Medal of Honor awarded by the King of Nepal.

Obermann is a former football journalist who worked in Cameroon, Guinea, Gambia, East Timor, Kuwait and Nepal on behalf of the DFB. Obermann is actively engaged in promoting women´s and youth football and supports various development projects.

Dettmar Kramer (honory award)

1976 international cup winner coached teams among others in Japan, Saudi Arabia, Greece and the USA.

“As long as better is possible, good is not enough”

This motto drove Cramer throughout his whole career and it lead him to amazing accomplishments both in sport and community activities. In Japan he is called the “inventor of modern football” and was awarded its highest cultural order. The award was handed over personally by Emperor Hirohito.