Felix Magath working at Fulham FC

News from England about Felix Magath.

Felix Magath is the first German coach in the English Premier League. He started his function as the head coach of Fulham FC in February to prevent the club from relegation but he couldn´t achieve it. The club from London dropped down in the second division for the first time in 13 years.

At the moment “Medicine Ball Magath” is in a training camp with his team to prepare for next season. You can be sure that he will push his players to the limit to guarantee the necessary fitness, which they need to realize the comeback. Off the field Magath works on his squad for the upcoming season. It remains to be seen if more new transfers after the current 6 new players will follow because he wants to build a team, which has the ability to achieve the direct promotion.

This aim seems to be possible since Felix Magath is a qualified football coach and his teams are known for playing football with a lot of passion and that will be necessary to be competitive in the second division. In addition to that his squad is very well-staffed and the team has much more potential than they have shown last season.