German Football Ambassador starts the new season 2020 with V.M.Z. Sport!

V.M.Z. Sport


The German Football Ambassador is entering the 2020 season with a new, strong partner: The new member "V.M.Z. Vermögensverwaltungsgesellschaft Dr. Markus C. Zschaber mbH" will in future also support the activities of the non-profit association as a sponsor with its V.M.Z. Sport brand.


Dr. Zschaber is regarded in the business scene as a proven expert in financial and asset matters and, having received several awards in within the business sector, advises not only high-class clients from the private and institutional sector but also public or charitable institutions. He is currently also available to political boards as an external consultant and is involved in many discussions in Berlin and Brussels on the topics of national debt, inflation and ECB policy. He has also been known to the general public for twenty years now as a financial expert for n-tv or capital and business magazines.

Roland Bischof, President of the German Football Ambassador, said of the partnership: "Seriousness and quality are the characteristics of our two organisations - it fits perfectly. His success rates are impressive and I am delighted that he is now opening up to the football sector and supporting us".

After more than 25 years of successful industry affiliation, his company will in future also offer a special portfolio to selected football greats under the V.M.Z. Sport brand - tailored to individual needs and with the proven strength of the past decades of above-average performance.

Dr. Zschaber explains the decision for the German Football Ambassador with the words: "Sport and wealth are inseparable in the combination, we are happy to have found an institution in the German Football Ambassador that lives and represents the sport of football".

As co-sponsor, the V.M.Z. Sport brand will accompany the club's activities throughout the year and will also make its expertise available individually to the members of the football ambassador family. A professional with a lot of experience in this segment, Mr. Sascha Müller, will also be available as a contact person in the now expanded business field of asset management for football players and managers. *

* A first opportunity to get a better impression of the quality of our new partner will be given at an informal fireside dinner on 05.02.2020 in Cologne. If you are interested, please contact Mr. Sascha Müller directly at [email protected] .