Heldengalerie and Deutscher Fußball Botschafter e.V. stage 11 personalities of football

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Karrikatur Lothar Matthäus
  • Kick-Off with world soccer player Lothar Matthäus – handsigned, certified & limited

Berlin, 14.12.2018

"I hope we have a little bit lucky", said Lothar Matthäus at his performance at the New York Metro Stars. Such football slogans show the likeable, human side of the stars, which brings not only themselves but also a multitude of fans to smile. This was the trigger for joint projects of the non-profit association Deutscher Fußball Botschafter e.V. and the Heldengalerie, in which 11 football personalities and selected sayings are presented in a caricature. The French artist Régis Chambion draws a limited and signed edition of 22 editions per picture on high-quality canvases. The project also supports social projects in the football environment.

As the first hero gallery protagonists, we introduce the record national player Lothar Matthäus. He was one of the best players in the world in the 1990s and is still one of the greatest personalities in football history. Today he supports Sky's presenters with his expertise and is a TV expert and brand ambassador in demand worldwide.

This unique picture shows the humorous, self-ironic and human nature of Lothar Matthäus.


  • With the help of the proceeds, social projects are directly supported by our association. Also a part of the income will go to the youth department of Lothar Matthäus' first club, the 1. FC Herzogenaurach, which he supports in many ways.


The ideal Christmas present for football fans looking for a very special gift. Each picture not only leaves an unforgettable impression on every wall and conjures a smile on the face of the viewer, but also comes with a certificate and signature by Lothar Matthäus. So as mentioned - something very special!