Ambassador 2017 Horst Kriete

Horst Kriete Award winner 2017

Football coach and aid worker in over 30 countries.

Horst Kriete


Football and development aid are parts of Horst Kriete's life for over 35 years now. 1979 he started his international carrier in Nigeria and was responsible for the training program of the national football federation. Since then, Mr. Kriete experienced a lot and influenced football in dozens of countries. After three years in Nigeria, Kriete worked in African, Asian and Central American regions. Thereby, it was always of the highest importance for Mr. Kriete to drive the sporting success as well as the development of the local society. On behalf of FIFA and DFB, he directed training courses for coaches and assisted in different circumstances as a technical advisor. From 2004 to 2009 Kriete worked for the Chinese Football Federation. By restructuring the Youth and Coaching Programs he supported the sporting and cultural exchange between Germany and China. The former chief instructor of DFB also worked for over 6 years in South Africa within different coaching courses and still has close contact to his former colleagues. "My stay in South Africa was supported greatly by the South African Football Association (SAFA), so that my family could feel at home. The close relationship to SAFA led to a fair and trusting cooperation."

In course of the nomination process, Horst Kriete, Roland Bischof (founder of the initiative) and the German TV-Channel Deutsche Welle decided to travel to South Africa to look at the former domain of the nominee. "I feel honored and very pleased about the recognition of my extensive work abroad. This award is dedicated to all my colleagues and amazing partners, that supported me all over the globe. " Together with representatives of SAFA and the German Embassy in South Africa, the nomination certificate has been handed over to Mr. Kriete in Pretoria. The prize money dedicated to the nominee will be used to support the "Youth Development through Football" Program.

Career Abroad

Time Period

Development worker


Technical advisor Chinese Football Federation


Development worker et. al. in Vietnam, South Africa, Nigeria & Somalia


Michael Krüger Nominee 2017

One of the most successful German coaches in Africa.

Michael Krüger



Michael Krueger experienced a lot during his coaching career and is being recognized as one of the most successful German coaches to work on the African continent. Due to his great international career and his contribution to the positive image of Germany abroad, the jury of the initiative “German Football Ambassador” nominates Mr. Krueger for the main award in the category “Coach 2017”.

Krueger coached football teams in Egypt, Turkey, Ethiopia and Sudan. Especially in Egypt and Sudan Krueger enjoyed major successes by winning numerous national champion chips and league cups. Former Alemannia Aachen and Eintracht Braunschweig coach thinks that it´s important to promote sustainable values in sports: „It´s astonishing to see, how football connects people all over the world and influences lives of so many.“ Krüger told at the overhanding ceremony.

Above all, Krueger has a special connection to Sudan. Most recently, he coached the first team of El Merrikh Khartoum in 2014 and won the national championship as well as the league cup. Because of that, Michael Krueger, Roland Bischof (founder German Football Ambassador) and the Deutsche Welle decided to visit his old companions and see how Sudanese football has been developing recently. The traditional handing over of the nomination certificate took place in Khartoum in presence of the president of El Merrikh FC, Gamal Al-Wali, the German Embassy in Sudan and the Goethe Institute. „I am very grateful for the nomination. My time abroad was full of positive experiences and I will always keep these memories with me.“ Mr. Krueger will use his prize money to support the youth academy of El Merrikh FC in Khartoum.



Career Abroad

Time Period

Coach Enppi (Egypt)


Coach Al Merreikh (Sudan)


Coach Saint George SA (Ethiopia)


Coach Al Merreikh (Sudan)


Coach El Masry (Egypt)


Assistant Coach Samsunspor (Turkey)


Coach Arab Contr. (Egypt)




Bernd Storck Nominee 2017

Hungary, with Bernd Storck as their main coach, came in first during the UEFA Euro 2016, surpassing Portugal and Iceland. 

Bernd Storck


Serbia, Kazakhstan, Greece and now Hungary: Bernd Storck experienced a lot through football and contributed strongly to a positive development in different countries. Due to this commitment, the former Bundesliga player, is being nominated for the Award "German Football Ambassador 2017". The nomination certificate was officially handed over at the Training Center of the Hungarian Football Federation.

Since the EURO 2016, Hungary is back on its way to a strong, European football nation. After achieving the first place in the group stage, Bernd Stock's team qualified for the best 16 and was praised for its spirited performance, which can be regarded as one of the biggest achievements since the fourth place at the EURO 1972. In March 2015, Mr. Storck has been appointed as the Sports Director of the Hungarian FA, shortly afterwards he also took charge of the national team. Mr. Storck started his international coaching career at Partizan Belgrad, subsequently he coached the Kazakh national team. Before joining the Hungarian Football Federation, Bernd Storck worked as a coach and youth coordinator at Olympiakos Piräus. (Founder of the initiative Roland Bischof (l.) with Bernd Storck, nominee for the award "German Football Ambassador 2017")

Mr. Storck was pleased to be one of the nominees for the main award: "This nomination is an honor and an obligation for me. I understand the responsibility for my actions abroad. Therefore, I am especially pleased about this acknowledgment."

The nomination stands for Bernd Storcks great achievements in international football, his work regarding the development of sustainable structures especially in youth football and the conveying of a positive image of Germany in the world. With his prize money, Bernd Storck will back the initiative "Csányi Alapítvány" in Hungary which focuses on supporting disadvantaged children and teenagers. Their main objective is to give children a better perspective through football and to promote their school education.


Career Abroad

Time Period

Coach Hungary

Since 2015

Sports Director Youth Academy Olympiakos Piräus


Coach Kazachstan U19/U21/A


Coach FK Alma-Ata (Almaty)


Assistant Coach Partizan Belgrad




Category "Player 2017" Award winner Bastian Schweinsteiger

Bastian Schweinsteiger received the public award in category „Player“ by surpassing 10 further nominees in an online-voting. The former national team captain thanked his fans via a video message. „Football reflects a feeling of solidarity. Football is a sport of one language: as a team, we are strong. I am very proud to represent this positive mindset to football in different countries all over the globe.“

Miroslav Klose Honorary award recipient

Federal Foreign Minister Gabriel presented Miroslav Klose with an honorary award for his great sporting successes and values which he achieved during his professional career. Fair Play und sincerity were always self-evident for the World Cup all-time top scorer as laudatory Sigmar Gabriel described him.